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Integrate our no-code translation solution on your Webflow website for multi-language capabilities without duplicating your site.
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With no native Webflow multilingual solution available, Weglot was created to translate and display your site without any manual site and page duplication. 

Speed and

Integrate Weglot in under 10 minutes, without code or internal design bandwidth. Launch your site instantly and remove the manual process of website translation.

Automatic and human translation

Translate 100% of your website by using the speed of automatic translation + the option to then refine your translations with human post-editing.

Key features

Simple translation management: Manage your website translation project through one interface, outside of Webflow. Export/import translations effortlessly, collaborate with your translation team within your Weglot Dashboard, and assign translations for approval. Learn more about putting your translation project on autopilot with our extensive features.

A design-centric approach: Use Weglot’s visual editor to see your translations in a preview of your Webflow website before you go live. Determine which part of your copy needs to be adapted or which part of the design could be improved due to translated text expansion. Keep your site design aesthetics on point.

Multilingual SEO setup: Weglot’s multilingual solution automatically adds several key multilingual SEO features including translated metadata, hreflang tags, and language subdomains/subdirectories for visibility in your new markets.

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Check out exactly how Weglot and Webflow work together and discover our Webflow UI Kit with 14 language switchers available to clone to fit your design needs.

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