Quick and light setup

Insert a simple JavaScript code snippet and you’re good to go!


Simple interface

Handle all your translations from a simple and visual interface


Professional translators

Order high quality translations directly inside Weglot

Set up your multilingual website in minutes

  • 5 minutes installation, just add a single Javascript snippet
  • Customize the language switcher design to fit your website’s theme
  • Choose among 100+ languages

Easily manage your translations

  • A simple interface to manage all your translations
  • A visual editor to translate your website in context
  • Dedicated support team of 10+ people with strong technical expertise on web app translation

Get high quality translations

  • Don’t start from scratch with a first automatic translation layer
  • Invite translators and teammates to collaborate
  • Order professional translations in 2 minutes

Questions about the Weglot JavaScript snippet? We have answers.

Discover our installation guide and get more info with the developer documentation

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