JavaScript translation snippet

Make your website multilingual with Weglot.

Fast integration

Developers, designers, and site-owners, this one’s for you: a simple, copy-paste JavaScript snippet that will transform your site into a multilingual one in less than 5 minutes.

Content detection

All the content on your site automatically detected and translated, including text, images, even metadata.

On autopilot

Weglot is compatible with whatever web technology you’re using to develop your site. Connect Weglot to your website using our JavaScript integration and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Translation API will detect all your website content and deliver it back to you in any language. No maintenance, no pain. Read more about how our JavaScript integration actually works

Simple translations management

Manage all your translations from a single interface. Create glossary rules, exclude pages from translation and manage your translation project how you want. 

Automatic and human translation

No need to start translation from scratch, get a first round of automatic translation. 

Trusted by thousands of users

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