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Add multiple languages to any CMS or custom-built website in minutes.

No internal development

Save time and internal resources with a website translation solution that automatically translates and displays your website into multiple languages without duplicate websites, code or lengthy project management.

Optimize your workflow

Remove lengthy internal processes with one translation management dashboard. Manage your project centrally with export/import, team collaboration and our glossary features.

Automatic and human translation

Combine automatic and human translation for speed, accuracy and efficiency. Rely on Weglot’s sync feature to continuously translate and display any newly added or edited content.

Simple translation management

Collaborate with teammates, external translation teams and project managers inside your Weglot Dashboard and centralize the management of your website translation project.

A translated and live site in minutes

Manage all your website translations through one interface. Combine automatic translation, human editing, and the option to order professional translations directly inside your Weglot Dashboard.

Integrated multilingual SEO setup

For live websites where SEO is key, Weglot automatically adds hreflang tags, and displays your site under language subdomains/subdirectories for visibility in your new markets.

Choose your integration

If you’re using a CMS not listed on our integration page or have a custom-made site, you’re in the right place. Depending on your development stage, you’ll want to choose one of the following integrations (you can also read more about how both integrations technically work.)

metadata translation clipart

Testing, developing, or staging phase?

Use our JavaScript integration. Copy & paste a snippet of code into your project, and you’ll be good to go.

dedicated urls

Live website, where SEO is key?

Use our full integration and get language-specific, searchable subdomains or subdirectories.

Ready to get started?

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