Translate your Weebly website

Discover how to translate a Weebly website and display it in multiple languages with Weglot.

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Looking for a simple way to display your Weebly website in multiple languages? Weglot is the perfect solution. We’ve developed a simple way to detect your website content and translate it into any language you want. It works with all Weebly Apps and themes, and also follows Google multilingual SEO best practices so that all your translated pages are indexed on Google.

Key benefits

Simple to set up: Connect Weglot and we’ll do the rest. No coding required.

Your entire website, translated: Weglot detects all your content, metadata and images included

An SEO-friendly solution: All your translated pages are indexed on Google

100% Weebly-compatible: Weglot works with all Weebly Themes and Apps.

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See Weglot in action

Check out how Weglot works on this translated Weebly demo site:

weglot weebly setup demo

This demo website was created on Weebly in English, then translated into French with Weglot. You can change the language with the language-switch button at the bottom-right corner of the page.

Let’s translate your Weebly website!

1) Create a Weglot account

Your Weglot account dashboard is where you’ll be able to view and manage all your translations. Simply create a Weglot account here.


2) Enter your domain URL and your target language(s)

In this step, simply enter your domain name and the language(s) you want to translate your website into.

(DO NOT USE your temporary domain name ending with 

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

In the example:

  • the domain is:
  • the original language is: English
  • the translated language is: French

3) Configure the subdomains in your DNS records

Here comes the most important step: you’ll create new entries in your DNS (Domain Name System) record list to connect Weglot to your website and ensure that there’s a unique URL for each language. The subdomains will display the translated versions of your Weebly website once configured!

Don’t worry if this seems complicated–it’s actually quite simple. 

There are two possible situations here: either you bought your domain name via Weebly or via another domain provider (Google Domain, 1to1, GoDaddy, …).

A. If your domain name is managed by Weebly:

Simply go on your Weebly website dashboard, click your website name on the top-right corner, and click on “Domain” as shown below:

weglot weebly setup domains

Then select the domain that is connected to your website:

weglot weebly setup domain

Once you’ve clicked, you will see a table called “DNS records”. Click on “Edit”:

weglot weebly setup dns edit

Finally, click on “Add Record”. Select CNAME as the “Type” and add the entries shown on your Weglot installation process. In the end, it should look like the screenshot below. Click “Save” and wait a few minutes.

weglot weebly setup dns save

B. If your domain name is managed outside of Weebly:

If you bought your domain name via an external provider (like GoDaddy, 1&1, Gandhi, Google Domains, etc…), go to your account and access the DNS section, in order to add the entries for each language into which you’re translating your site.

If you are not sure how to do this or where to find your DNS records, we can help you. Just email us at

4) Validate the DNS entries

Once you’ve added and saved your entries, go back your Weglot account tab, click “Check DNS” and you should see two green check icons. This means the DNS entries were successfully configured. Now, click on “Next”.

weglot setup guide dns check

5) Install the Weglot library

This is the very last step of the installation process. We will add a little JavaScript code snippet so we can display a language-switch button on your website.

It’s very simple, you just need to complete the following steps (also shown in the GIF below):

weebly weglot js snippet

Inside your Website edit mode, go to Settings > SEO; find the “Header Code” section and copy/paste the JavaScript snippet provided on your Weglot account page. Finally, click “Save” and then click “Publish”.

6) You’re all done!

Go to your website, and you should see the language-switch button at the bottom right. It might take a few minutes to appear, so don’t worry if you have to wait a bit.

Try changing the language when the language-switcher appears–and, like magic, your website is multilingual! You can now go to your Weglot dashboard to manage all your translations.

Make your Weebly website multilingual within minutes
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