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Discover how to translate a Weebly website and display it in multiple languages with Weglot.

Fast integration

Connect Weglot and we’ll do the rest. No coding required.

Your entire website, translated

Weglot detects all your content, metadata and images included

Automatic and human translation

Get a first layer of machine translation, full editing control, the option to add your translation team, or order professional translation directly inside your Weglot Dashboard. 

100% compatible with Weebly

Weglot works with all Weebly themes and apps.

Multilingual SEO

Weglot not only translates and displays your site, but also adds several multilingual SEO features so you’ll be searchable on international search engines. Including, language-specific subdomains/subdirectories, automatically added hreflang tags, and translated metadata.

Trusted by thousands of users

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