Making a Wix website multilingual has always been painful and complicated. The Wix platform does not offer an official feature to do that. So Wix users generally duplicate all their pages and articles in the translated languages.

It’s time consuming and not efficient for SEO, actually the translated pages would not be indexed.

When designing Weglot, we wanted to offer a simple solution to change that, to help all Wix users to get the translation and multilingual feature on their Wix website.

Key Benefits

Before digging in how you can actually do that, you can see an example of what a translated Wix website would look like with our demo here: https://weglot-translate-wix.com

Example of a translated Wix website


In the example you can see the language button at the bottom right to change the language from English to French.
The English version is on https://weglot-translate-wix.com/
The French version is on https://fr.weglot-translate-wix.com/

Let’s start translating your Wix website.

Let’s go and translate your Wix website

1. Create an account on Weglot (~ 1 minute)

This account will be the place where you have all your translations and where you will manage them. Simply create a Weglot account here.

Translate Wix register step

2. Enter your domain name and the languages you want (~ 1 minute)

In this step simply enter your domain name and the languages you want. DO NOT ADD your temporary domain name ending with .wixsite.com.

(If you do not have your own domain name, and you only have a .wixsite.com domain, scroll down on the Weglot setup page under “OTHER POSSIBLE INTEGRATIONS”. Click on “Use Javascript integration” and jump directly to step 4 of this guide)

In the example:

Wix translate domain name step

Click “Next” to go to the next step.

3. Configure the subdomains in the DNS records (~ 5 minutes)

In this steps you will configure your DNS to make sure subdomains are created and connected.
The subdomains will display the translations of your Wix website once configured.

Translate WIx DNS record step

You need to add several entries in your DNS record. Go to your Wix admin area, in Setting > Domains.

Translate Wix access your DNS

Now there are 2 options:

A. If your domain name is managed by Wix

It’s what we have in the example, it’s the case when you buy your domain name via Wix. Then, you will be able to edit the DNS. Click on “advanced” like in the screenshot below.

Translate Wix Advanced options step

Then, you can click on Edit DNS and “+ Add another” on the “CNAME (Aliases)” line, like on the screenshot below. Enter the DNS provided at the end of step 2 and click on “Save DNS” at the top right.

Translate Wix Edit DNS step

B. If your domain name is managed outside of Wix, via a third party provider (like GoDaddy, Hover, 1&1, Google Domains, …)

Go to your account and access the DNS section to add the entries.
If you are not sure how to do it or where it is, we can help you. Just email us at support@weglot.com.

When you added and saved your entries, go back your Weglot account tab, click “Check DNS” and you should have a green check icon, it means the DNS were successfully configured. Then, click on “Next”.

4. Install the Weglot library (~ 3 minutes)

This is the very last step of the installation to add the JavaScript library to add the language button.

It’s very simple, you just need to do the following steps (also shown in the GIF below):

Translate Wix add the JS library step

5. You are done!

Finished! If you go to your website, you’ll now see the language button appear at the very bottom right. Give a few minutes to make sure your subdomains are properly setup, then you can try to change the language and you will see your translated website.