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  • NewFebruary 2023

    Variable with multiple words

    If you have very similar but not identical content, you may have multiple translations that would increase your total word count...

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  • NewJanuary 2023

    See your detailed usage per URL

    You are now able to see your word usage and translation requests by project and URL. You can access this functionality directly on the...

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  • NewJanuary 2023

    Translation List

    When you edit a translation, you can save it by clicking anywhere on the screen, or if you prefer we added a button right next to the translation...

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  • New January 2023

    Display cart on order

    If you ordered professional translations, you can see an overview in Translations > Professional Translations. For any unpaid translations...

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    NewMarch 2022
    Page views statistics
    The Page Views feature is now available for all Pro plans and above. It gives you insight into your website visitors’ location
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