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  • NewOctober 2022

    Pause Plan

    You can now pause your plan for up to three months. In the meantime, you won’t lose any data and the free plan limits will be enforced. When you pause your plan...

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  • NewOctober 2022

    Choose your machine translation tone

    For certain language pairs, you are now able to set the tone you want your website to be translated into, whether that be formal or informal.This feature is available for all users with an advanced plan...

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  • NewJuly 2022

    URL merging

    You're now able to associate all translations present on a URL to another URL, allowing you to handle scenarios where content...

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  • New July 2022

    Search and filters in Exclusions page

    You're now able to search and filter exclusion rules in their dedicated page, which will help maintain huge projects with complex content structures.

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    NewMarch 2022
    Page views statistics
    The Page Views feature is now available for all Pro plans and above. It gives you insight into your website visitors’ location
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