Get a multilingual store instantly

Add any language in seconds. Your store translates itself, you make edits if needed.

The most innovative retailers trust Weglot to increase conversions

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Increase shopper engagement and conversions

Offer a completely personalized experience for your shoppers with a fully translated website – including your checkout, email notifications (dependent on CMS) and product pages.

We automatically translate everything on your store no matter where the content comes from (third-party app, plugin etc).

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Product pages
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Save weeks of manual work

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All your content centralized and automated

Let your marketers and merchandisers spend their time on more important tasks. We’ve removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple countries.

Your translated content is centralized and managed in one interface. Any new products or content added in the future will be automatically detected and translated in all your languages.

Accelerate your customer acquisition

Weglot optimizes your multilingual SEO by providing language specific URLs, automatically translating all your metadata and taking care of all the necessary multilingual SEO requirements to get your pages indexed on search engines.

Get ranked internationally right away and don’t lose customers to your competitors.

Show up on all search results with multilingual SEO
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You’re in good company

California brand FELT Bicycles combined machine and human translation for a successful European website launch. 

Eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly increased their international sales 6x after adding Weglot to their store.

Ron Dorff increased their website traffic by 400% thanks to adding 3 languages with Weglot.

Start your 10-day free trial (no credit card details required) and see for yourself why top brands use Weglot as their website translation solution
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