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From your product pages to your checkout process, create a fully multilingual ecommerce store in minutes.
Weglot Multilingual Ecommerce

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Full website translation

Translate the whole of your ecommerce website with Weglot – including your checkout, email notifications (dependent on CMS) and product pages.

Weglot automatically detects everything on your website no matter where the content comes from (app, plugin etc).

Product pages
Email notifications
shopping basket
Weglot Visual Editor
Product pages
Email notifications
shopping basket

Save weeks of manual translation work

Weglot Translation List

Automatic content detection

Translate thousands of product pages in minutes and launch new languages instantly. Get a first, fast layer of automatic translation which can then be edited by you, your team or the help of professional translators through the Weglot dashboard. 

Scalable translation solution

Use a translation solution that scales with you – any new products added in the future will be automatically detected and translated, saving you time and money.

Get found by your new customers

Weglot translates your ecommerce store and takes care of your multilingual SEO too.

You’ll be found in your new markets as we provide language specific URLs, automatically translate all your metadata and take care of all the necessary multilingual SEO requirements to have your pages indexed on search engines.

Show up on all search results with multilingual SEO
multilingual SEO
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You’re in good company

La Machine Cycle Club saw a 25% increase in their conversion rate after adding Weglot.

Ron Dorff increased their website traffic by 400% thanks to adding 3 languages with Weglot.

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