A lightweight solution to translate public websites  

Fully compliant and available in 107+ languages
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Hundreds of government administrations rely on Weglot to serve their citizens in their language​

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Deploy public multilingual websites in minutes

Simple and quick implementation​

Install Weglot on any website in a matter of minutes. Powered by automatic translation, public websites get instantly translated. Then choose to fine-tune the translations through a translations management dashboard unique to the project.

Say goodbye to manual work

All the translations are managed in our platform. Project Managers can oversee the content and invite translators or team members. You and your team will never have to do an export, email exchange or import again.

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Premium service standards​

Weglot assists your teams with implementation, onboarding and documentation upon deployment. We are committed to a 99% Service License Agreement and the best in-class technical support upon deployment.

Security compliant​

We are fully compliant with Statal security requirements and GDPR and offer a Data Protection Agreement under Enterprise Plans. 

Not sure if Weglot is a good fit for your company? Schedule a consultation with our team and we’ll help.
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