Make your public websites accessible to non-English speakers  

Help your communities access important information in their language with a reliable and easy-to-install solution. The best alternative to the discontinued Google Translate widget.
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Hundreds of public administrations rely on Weglot to make information accessible with high-quality translations​

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Easy on-the-fly installation

Copy-paste a Javascript snippet for an instantly translated website. That’s it.

Install Weglot on any site in minutes. Copy-paste a snippet in the HTML, and get immediate automatic translations.

Easy setup

Customize what you do and don’t need translated. Trigger the translations of dynamic elements, exclude URLs or PII for translation, create multiple environments. Weglot adapts to your needs.

Weglot Easy Integration
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Translation quality at the core

Weglot uses high-quality neural machine translation to translate your website into over 107 languages. AI technology identifies the context and adapts the translation to it. You can also make a choice between formal or informal tone for specific languages such as Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.

Fine tune translations, control your terminology, invite native reviewers

Unlike Google Translate, Weglot allows you to improve your translations. Create rules such as “Never translate” or “Always Translate”.

Weglot also allows you to invite native reviewers to edit translations on your website, to make sure your users always have access to the correct information.

Compliant with American public sector requirements

Weglot is based in France but can be purchased in the US through a public sector reseller. Our solution is SOC2 Type II certified.

99.9% SLA, dedicated onboarding, and priority support

Weglot guarantees a 99.9% Service License Agreement and offers a customized onboarding for your technical teams and departments, as well as priority support.

Weglot Easy Integration
Not sure if Weglot is a good fit for your company? Schedule a consultation with our team and we’ll help.
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