Engage your users in their language 

Translate your private platforms into 100+ languages with a simple multilingual add-on. 
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Hundreds of multinational brands use Weglot to engage their users

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Multilingual in minutes

Simple installation: no need to ask IT

Adding languages to your private platforms shouldn’t have to be complicated. Weglot takes just minutes to integrate and the even better news? Anyone in your team can do it, you don’t need to ask your IT department. Plus, Weglot is compatible with any platform. 

Instant translations

Automatic content detection and a first layer of automatic translation means you’ll have a multilingual private app instantly. Choose to edit your automatic translations with Weglot’s post editing tools, add teammates, pro translators, or simply leave them as they are. You control the translation quality.

100+ languages

Thousands of employees across the globe? Weglot can translate your private platforms into more than 100 languages. Don’t see your language? Contact us!

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