On-the-fly translations for your applications 

Translate your web applications and websites quickly with our on-the-fly integration.
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Product managers and developers from top companies use Weglot to translate their applications

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Multilingual in minutes

Quick integration: Copy-paste a Javascript snippet in the HTML and you’re good to go!

Adding languages to your applications shouldn’t have to be complicated or drain your engineers’ resources. Our lightweight JavaScript snippet just needs to be copy-pasted in your HTML, that’s it! Anything in your application can be translated, even dynamic elements or hard-coded text.

Weglot Easy Integration
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Instant translations: No duplicate pages or waiting for translators

Automatic content detection and a first layer of automatic translation means you’ll have a multilingual application instantly, with high-speed performance. All of the pages are translated immediately with high-quality machine translation. You can exclude elements from being translated like PII, or specific pages easily.

Content edition: Modify automatic translations where needed

Weglot allows you to edit your automatic translations simply with post editing tools, unlike other on-the-fly solutions. Invite teammates, or professional translators, or simply leave them untouched. You control the translation quality.

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