Translate your software front website 

Your users are all around the world. Localize your front and marketing websites in minutes to grow your customer base.

Thousands of tech and SaaS companies trust Weglot to expand internationally

No technical skills needed

Save 100s of hours of your developers time

Installed in just minutes – Weglot is a translation solution anyone within your team can implement – no matter what CMS (or custom built website) you’re using. Giving you time to focus on your software and put an end to the traditional back and forth website translation process. 


A solution that scales with you

Remove the manual work associated with a website localization project with automatic content detection for existing and new content, first layer of automatic translation to speed up your project, numerous intuitive post editing content tools and the option to add teammates to your workflow.

website language switcher to change between different languages
website language switcher to change between different languages

Automate your translation workflow

Weglot Visual Editor

Get full translation control

Weglot combines all forms of website translation. Use automated translation, manual editing, pro translators or a combination of them all and fine-tune your website translations to match your brand identity.

Multilingual SEO

Gain visibility in your new markets with a website translation solution that also manages your multilingual SEO. Language subdomains/ subdirectories, translated metadata and automatically added hreflang tags means your software website will appear in search results in your new markets.

Start your 10-day free trial (no credit card details required) and see for yourself why top websites use Weglot as their website translation solution

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