Weglot allows you to set your website translation quality

Get access to automated, manual and pro translation for quality translation at scale, on your terms

Create your translation mix

Machine translation

Saves time and ensures all the content of your website is 100% translated

Manual review

Approve, edit and enhance your website translations within your team

Professional translation

Add that professional touch for personalization and improved brand voice

Why leverage machine translation?

Machine translation is a way for us to provide you with a first layer of translation. Think of it as giving you a head start with your website localization project.

What you do with it next is up to you. Keep your machine translations or use all or some of Weglot’s post editing tools to get the quality of translation you want to display on your multilingual website.

Weglot uses the 4 major machine translation providers on the market: DeepL, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and Yandex Translate.

Weglot Install
Weglot Install

Set your translation quality workflow

Weglot Visual Editor

Quality control

Never display a single machine translation if it’s not the quality you want to show. Instead use it as a base to kick start your website localization project behind the scenes – after all, using a first layer of machine translation is exactly how most pro translators work today.

Keep your translated pages private and only go live with your multilingual website when you’re ready.

Translation edits

Collaborate with your team by adding them to your Weglot project and manually approve and edit your machine translated website translations together via the translations list or visual editor.

Work your way through your website translations at your own pace. Got your own translator? Add them to the project too.

Work with professional translators

Bring in a professional eye by ordering professional translations directly inside your Weglot Dashboard. Choose to send your most important pages or all of your website for pro translation in just a few clicks. Edited translations will automatically appear on your live website in 24-48 hours – it’s multilingual on autopilot!

Automatic quality improvements

Benefit from Weglot’s translation memory. If you’ve got duplicate CTA buttons or display the same reviews across your website, only ever translate them once. And, use Weglot’s glossary function to make translation rules across your site – avoiding the manual process of translating brand or product names.

Start your website translation project with Weglot
Benefit from a host of post editing options to give you the quality of translation right for your website.