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Launch your multilingual website project instantly and reduce the hard work associated with website localization when you automate your workflow with Weglot

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What is
website localization?

Website localization (also known as l10n) is essentially the process of adapting your original website through language, design and cultural elements to provide a relevant experience for your new target audience.

Naturally, translation plays a core role in website localization. Adapting your website for different markets primarily involves taking into account the local language(s).

A website localization project can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be and the rewards of increasing your potential audience are significant.

The 4 steps of website localization

  • Language: a fully translated website with cultural nuances taken into consideration
  • Images: images and even videos should be replaced to be culturally appropriate
  • SEO: multilingual SEO will help you get found in your new markets
  • Design: such as adapting for right-to-left languages, language switcher placement and taking into consideration text expansion

Translation and localization: what’s the difference?

Translation and localization are different however they go hand-in-hand and you can’t have one without the other. To define the terms:

Website translation is the process of translating the content of your website into different languages.

Website localization however, is the complete solution, where aspects such as formatting, image replacement and SEO are also factored in.

Weglot Install
Weglot Install

Discover a new way of doing website localization

Enter new markets and scale fast with Weglot as your localization solution. Leave behind the manual work associated with a localization project and get Weglot to automate the process for you. All you need is the URL of your website to get started.

Say goodbye to manual work with the benefit of automatic content detection and remove the pain of juggling excel sheets with easy translations management under one user-friendly interface.

End-to-end website localization
Automated content detection
Full translations management
Automated content detection
Full translations management
End-to-end website localization
Automatic content detection

Weglot detects and translates all the content of your website. We just need your URL (first layer of automated translation). Zero manual content detection and extraction – never worry about adding new content to your website again.

Translations management

You control your translation quality. Manually edit your automated translations in the context of your website, add multiple teammates to your translation project or order high quality professional translators directly inside your Weglot dashboard. 

Reduce your workload

With an automated translation solution, your localization project can be handled in a matter of days rather than months. Add teammates to your translation project and streamline your workflow – all managed under Weglot’s user-friendly interface. 

Edit your translations visually


Editing your translations just got a whole lot easier.

Make changes to your translations directly inside a live preview of your website. See where you translations fit in the context of your website and make instant edits that are automatically added to your live website. 

To show you just how easy it is to manage your website localization project you can try Weglot out for free (no credit card required)
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We use cookies to collect and analyse information on site performance and usage, to provide social media features and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. Learn more with our Privacy policy