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Weglot is the best translation solution to make your website multilingual within minutes. Weglot is available on WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce and non-CMS languages! Discover all our integrations. Once you integrate Weglot with your website, you can translate your site into over 100 different languages with just a couple of clicks.

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They love working with us


Translating a website is typically a real headache, but we’ve been super-impressed with Weglot. You have a fully-translated site within minutes of setting up an account, which just needs some reviewing and tweaking. But this service truly makes website translations easy, highly recommended.


Weglot provides a great translation service, which is not free, but has a reasonable and comprehensible price. If you need to translate huge websites, you’ll find that the price is unbeatable. It is possible to adjust the translations directly in the frontend view of WordPress thanks to the Visual Editor. A great idea! The translations can also be managed on Weglot dashboard.


Translating a website has never been that easy thanks to Weglot. You can have a fully multilingual website in a matter of minutes. Weglot works like a charm and we are super impressed by its performance which is why we recommend them to our readers.