A quick and easy guide to translation management for websites

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Translation Management for Websites

Translation management is how you manage your project’s translation process, from translating your content to displaying it on your site, and everything in between. And while there are several different types of translation projects (from translating documents, to mobile apps, to websites), there are mainly two ways of handling the actual translation process. 

  1. Using a translation agency. If you go this route, you’d find an agency, send them the content you need translated, wait to get their translations back, and then upload it on your site. The pro of an agency is that you’re getting professional translation services. However, you’re also now managing a lot of the translation process yourself (delivering content, receiving content, displaying the content, creating unique URLs for your translated sites, making sure your translated site is optimized for multilingual SEO, etc.).
  2. Using translation management software. Translation management software combines machine translation software and editing tools to automate your translation process. Software can quickly translate your content into its new language, cutting down a lot of the back-and-forth between parties and centralizing your project. It will also take care of technical aspects such as displaying your translations. And a tool like Weglot (which we cover extensively in this post) also gives you a full-fledged translation management platform—where you can make edits to your translated content, automatically set up unique URLs for your translated sites as subdomains, and more.

The right translation management method will depend on your project. If you’re translating a website (everything from a Shopify store to a non-profit blog to an agency’s website) then translation management software is the way to go. Using an agency is expensive and time-consuming for most website translation projects. 

In this post, we look at a quick and easy way websites can manage their translations, whether they only need machine-powered translations or they also want to use a platform that lets them edit translations and/or manage professional translators.

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Introducing Weglot’s translation management platform

With Weglot, you get the same benefits of using a full-service translation agency (i.e. professional translation services) while also getting the benefits of using software (i.e. automation, speed, accuracy, and easy implementation), thanks to our 2-layered translation approach:

  • For the second layer (which is completely optional) you can use Weglot to centralize and manage your teammates, team of in-house translators, or even find translators through Weglot to help manually review your translated content. (Click here to read our case study on how one of our US-based customers used this two-layered approach to quickly and effectively expand into European markets.)

Quickly translate your entire site with Weglot

To get started, just add Weglot to your site—you don’t need to worry about reaching out to a developer or fussing around with API integrations.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how simple it is:

FYI: We also have ready-made tutorials for popular CMS platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, and more. 

After Weglot is added to your site, you can set up and customize your translation project.

  • First, select your target language (which languages you want your content translated into). Weglot can translate your content into 100+ languages, including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Chinese. 
  • (Optional) Then pick pages/sections you don’t want translated. You can skip this if you want every page and section translated. 
  • (Optional) Create a project glossary. You can easily create a glossary for your project, telling Weglot which words you do not want translated or if you always want a word or phrase translated in a specific way. Plus, if/when you use professional translators, they can reference these glossaries to make sure their translations are up to your standards.
Weglot glossary

After this short setup, your new translated site is ready within minutes. And because Weglot is an all-in-one translation management platform, your newly translated site is automatically displayed under language subdomains/subdirectories of your main site. 

This means every translated site gets a unique URL. For example, weglot.com is our English site, while weglot.com/de/ is our German site—this was set up automatically by Weglot as part of the translation process.

Are you ready to translate your website with Weglot’s machine translation software? Start your free trial today. Or keep reading to learn about the rest of Weglot’s translation management features (from our visual editor tool to our multilingual SEO best practices).

How to use Weglot as a full-service translation management platform

Weglot offers more than machine translation, it’s also a full-fledged translation management platform where you can:

  • Easily manage your translations (including getting a real-time look at how your translated content fits within your site’s design/layout).
  • Order translation services from professional translators or add your own translators.
  • Make use of Weglot’s automatic content detection to make sure your translated site is updated whenever you update your main site.
  • Make sure your translated site is following the best practices of multilingual SEO.

How to manage your translations 

After Weglot has translated your site, you can access all of your translations from your dashboard:

translations list

On your dashboard, you can see:

  • Which languages your site is currently translated into.
  • Choose if you want to add any new languages.
  • Import/Export your translations.
  • Access your Visual Editor. 
  • Access your glossary.

How to edit your translations

Because Weglot is a translation management platform, you can use it to easily edit your translations and even assign projects to translators. 

All of your translations are readily available through your Weglot Dashboard.

You can find specific translations by looking up the URL, typing in the phrase or word you want to find, or you can use Weglot’s Visual Editor to quickly navigate your live site.

Our Visual Editor is also a great way to see how your translated content will look with your site’s design/layout.

visual editor new

This is a major selling point for our customers, including Goodpatch, a global design company. When they wanted to add another language to their site, they wanted a translation management system (TMS) that reflected their company’s overall design-driven approach—and made it easy for their fully remote team to collaborate.

They found just what they were looking for with Weglot. 

“[Weglot] was accessible to all our disciplines, from content to design to strategy, and everyone could find their way around quickly…all of us could do fast test edits, see how [the page] looked, and get changes approved quickly.”

When Goodpatch translated its beautifully designed English site into German, they used Weglot to make sure the German translations would fit nicely within their site’s design. By using our Visual Editor, they were able to easily avoid overlapping text, broken designs, and other issues. 

Ordering professional translation services through Weglot

If you don’t have a team of translators that can help with your manual translations, you can order professional translation services directly through Weglot:

pro translations

Simply pick which translations you want reviewed by a professional translator and pay for your order. In 24-48 hours your order is completed, and the translation is automatically updated and live on your site. 

Keep your translated site up-to-date with automatic content detection

Weglot makes it easy to manage your translated sites going forward with Automatic Content Detection. When you make changes to your original site (whether you’re adding content, deleting it, or revising it) those changes are immediately reflected on your translated site.

Optimize your translated site for SEO

Weglot’s translation management platform also helps your translated sites with search engine optimization (SEO).

Weglot’s software will automatically:

  • Add hreflang tags to your source code that lets Google know about the translated versions of your site
  • Translate your on-page SEO content, like metadata and alt tags.
  • Create unique URLs for each translated version of your site, creating subdirectories/subdomains for each URL.

Next Steps: Translating your site

In this post, we talked about different ways of setting up a translation management system. One is outsourcing the translation to an agency—but that’s not only expensive and time-consuming, but it also puts a lot of pressure on you to manage key aspects of the project.

The other way—using Weglot’s translation management software—is much more affordable, easier, and faster.

With Weglot, you get:

  • Fast, accurate, and automatic website translation. Through Weglot, you can translate an entire site within minutes. Plus, Weglot automatically detects changes to your content, so it can keep your translated sites updated. 
  • A translation management platform, where you can create glossaries for each project, edit translations, use a visual editor to see how translated content works with your design, and order professional translation services. 
  • Translated sites that follow the best practices outlined by Google for mastering multilingual SEO.

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In this article we’re going to look into:

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