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Published on October 21, 2021
Weglot web agencies

The nature of work and the areas of focus of web agencies and freelancers is diverse and varied, and their technologies and processes can be pretty different too – it’s what makes them so interesting to chat with. 

I’ve been in charge of agency relationships at Weglot for two years now and I can assure you there are no two agencies in the world that are alike, and yet there are so many! It’s these differences that make them such experts in their specific niches and what ultimately brings us a lot of value when working with them here at Weglot. 

“How many web agencies are there in the world?” is a question I’ve often asked myself. It’s the type of question that reminds me of my job interview at Weglot when I was asked “How many trees are there on Earth?” I have absolutely no idea (on both counts), but what I do know is that at Weglot, we’re very proud and happy to support over 2,500 agencies and freelancers worldwide.  

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you why we love working with web agencies and freelancers at Weglot and how we work alongside each other.  

Why Weglot works with web agencies and freelancers 

So why do we see the value in working with web agencies and freelancers?


Firstly, they always have great, in-depth feedback to share with us and this allows us to improve Weglot constantly. They’re the ones using Weglot regularly on a range of use cases and technologies so they can quickly see how well a new Weglot feature works.  

Challenging use cases

Secondly, they’re always working on very challenging projects with increasingly demanding clients and it’s always a pleasure for us to take up these challenges and see how Weglot can fit with such specific cases. 

Making the web multilingual

And, finally, because web agencies and freelancers use Weglot across different projects and recommend going multilingual to clients that aren’t always considering it, they’re therefore great ambassadors of Weglot’s mission to “Make the web multilingual”. 

3 ways we support web agencies and freelancers

So whilst we get a lot from working with web agencies and freelancers, we also want to make sure we’re helping them as much as they are us. 

Getting to know each other

First of all, in order to provide the best possible guidance to the needs of a web agency or a freelance developer, it is essential to meet them. 

This is one of the biggest challenges and usually involves me spending part of my day listing the agencies that have just signed up to Weglot to introduce myself and to accompany them in their first steps with our tool. 

I have to thank the Weglot support team for making it easy for me to get in touch with agencies and freelance developers who need help…or who just want to tell us how much they like our tool and how we can collaborate! 

I’ve been lucky enough in the last few months to meet at events, both online and offline, organized by the Shopify and WordPress communities, agency managers and members to discuss translation and web development with them…but also to have a drink together. I’m confident that the physical events will be back and I’m looking forward to meeting new agency members on these occasions! 

As well as onboarding agencies who are just getting started with Weglot, my aim is to also help web agencies dealing with multilingual sites to get to know our solution and to make their job easier. So I’m always looking for web professionals who might be interested in Weglot. For those who don’t know me yet, get ready, I’m about to slide into your DMs. 

Care and support 

After guiding the newcomers, I try to maintain the best possible relationship with them. 

That’s why we’ve chosen to offer a dedicated contact (me 👋) for web agencies and freelance developers. Whatever the request, whether that’s advice on the management of your projects, a question about our pricing, a technical point, if you’re a web agency, you can send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you! Depending on the request, we can even schedule a call together. 

I put a lot of emphasis on listening to agencies and freelancers and understanding how they work. They have very specific needs and processes compared to our regular users. 

I always try to find out: Who from the agency or the end-user is in charge of the Weglot installation? Who’s going to do the proofreading and editing of the translations (if necessary)? Who will be in charge of payment? This allows me to suggest the best possible workflow to have the best possible relationship between the agency, the end client and Weglot. 

With this in mind, we have just published an FAQ especially dedicated to agencies and freelancers to make things easier for them once again. This FAQ, which is in addition to our general FAQ, answers specific requests from agencies.

As I mentioned before, it’s always great to talk and especially to listen to agency members because they always have great feedback! They’re used to using all kinds of third-party tools and they are fluent in “web” so they know how to tell us how to improve Weglot. 

Every two weeks, the whole Weglot team meets for a product meeting to discuss how we can improve our website translation solution whether that’s from our experience or a user’s. Within that meeting, we discuss a lot of feedback from the agencies I work closely with. I also know that many of them participate in our public roadmap, this allows us to offer the product that best suits the agencies’ needs.

Give back 

As you’ve seen, freelance developers and web agencies are very important to us, so we wanted to thank them and to give something back. 

We’ve put in place various elements to return the favor, such as a specific quarterly newsletter, dedicated to them, with exclusive information on Weglot news and updates, which includes a use case in which we present an agency’s project. 

If you’re an agency and you’re proud of a website you’ve developed with Weglot, let me know, you might be the next use case of the month. 

In the same spirit, we love to organize or participate in webinars by inviting web agencies to present their great work. You may have seen our webinar on multilingual SEO with Sebastien from Influence Society or our first webinar in German with Leo and Stefanie from Refokus.  

We’ve also just launched a brand new partner agency page where we highlight the agencies we like to work with. The aim is to offer website owners who are looking for an agency to help them with their multilingual project a hand-picked list of great agencies. Want to be part of this list? You can apply right here

In addition to the agency FAQ, which I mentioned earlier, we try to produce specific content for agencies such as a presentation, which aims to make it easy for their clients to discover Weglot or even this article you’re reading right now! 

Every day, I also check LinkedIn or Twitter to see if the great agencies we work with have published new projects and it’s always a pleasure to communicate their work on social media or to the wider Weglot team. 


I hope I’ve given you an insight into how we work together with freelance developers and agencies, help them with their multilingual projects and ultimately support each other where we can.

We’re continuously trying to offer more to better support them, meet their needs, and put their profile forward as thanks for all the support they give us. As I mentioned, if you’re an agency or freelancer yourself and are working on multilingual projects, then please feel free to reach out. 

And, by the way, for the agency directors reading this article, what do you think about organizing a Friday ‘Lunch and Learn’ with your team? It can of course be online for the moment 😉. Jaime from Groove Commerce suggested this idea to me and it was a really great experience organizing this with his team. Feel free to email me and let me know what you think. 

And if you think of anything else that we can do for agencies, please send me an email too. I’ll always be available to talk – I look forward to talking to you by email, by phone, and hopefully in person soon! 

In this article we’re going to look into:

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