Translate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Store

Learn how to translate your store in just minutes

Weglot enables you to translate your Salesforce Commerce cloud store in days not months. Our integration translates your store instantly including your website content, products, categories, and checkout. 

The only thing you need to decide? Your translation quality. Choose from machine, manual editing, or professional translators ordered directly inside your Weglot Dashboard. 

No multiple stores needed. Weglot automatically detects, translates and displays your store in your new target languages. Adding new products? Weglot’s automation means they’re already detected, you just need to validate the translations (if needed). 

Accelerate your customer acquisition with a translation solution that puts your international SEO first. Language-specific URLs and translated metadata will get your pages indexed by international search engines.

Key benefits

Easy to install – no developer time required

Launch in new markets instantly – or choose to go live when you’re ready

Choose your translation quality – machine, manual or professional

Visually edit your translations in the context of your website

Dedicated support and an account manager + solution engineer

How to add Weglot to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store

Step 1: Create a Weglot account

This is where you’ll manage your website translations and other custom features depending on your needs. Create account.

After signing up you’ll receive a validation email that will take you to the Weglot Dashboard and the setup page.

Give your project a name and select your ‘Website technology’ – in your case it’s ‘Other’.

screenshot of choosing 'other' technology on Weglot setup page

Step 2: Add your new languages

Next add the URL of your website, the original language of your website, and the languages you’d like to translate it into. 


Step 3: Create your subdomains (important for multilingual SEO)

Here you’ll create your new language subdomains, e.g. fr.mywebsite (French example). To do this you need to connect your DNS records, so you’ll need access to your domain name provider account. 

Note: this example is using Google Domains, however, the process is similar to other domain name providers. Contact us if you need any help:

Your Weglot account setup should now be showing you these DNS entries. Example for French.

dns entries

Go to your domain name provider account and find the ‘DNS’ tab. You’ll need to create new entries in the section that should be called ‘custom resource records’ or something similar. 

Select CNAME as the ‘type’, enter your 2 letter language code given in the previous step in the ‘name’ section and ‘’ in the ‘data’ section. 

Click save and then go back to your Weglot Dashboard and click on the green ‘Check DNS’ button. This can sometimes take a few minutes or even 10, so don’t be alarmed if the green tick hasn’t appeared immediately next to your DNS records. 

Step 4: Add your language switcher

Here you’ll need to copy and paste a piece of code from your Weglot account. 


Go to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud account then ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ and the ‘Edit Head Markup’ button. 

Paste the Javascript code from your Weglot account into the box. Click save and close. 

Contact us at if you have any problems with this step. 

And that’s it!

Your multilingual Salesforce Commerce Cloud store is now fully multilingual. If you’d like to edit your translations before you go live simply switch off ‘make public’ in your translations list to set your translation quality. 

So, welcome to Weglot – here’s everything you need to get started

Translate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store today
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