WPML vs. Weglot

Looking for a more simple alternative to WPML? Translate the whole of your WordPress website in just one click!

When we’re talking to the WordPress community at various events around the world, the one common question we receive is: how user friendly is Weglot in comparison to WPML?  

We’ve written an article so you can see the clear differences between these two well known WordPress translation solutions and work out which one best suits your needs.   

The most useful piece of information you might want to know is that with Weglot there is zero manual work. Simply install it on your WordPress website and the plugin does the work for you. You’ll have a fully translated website in minutes, plus an automatically added front-end language switcher.  

The best part? There’s no code or fiddly string by string translation required!  

How do WPML and Weglot compare?

  • Simple and easy 5 minute set up
  • All pages auto detected and translated
  • Requires multiple module installs
  • Need to manually create each translated page
  • Manual and automatic translations included
  • Access to professional translators
  • Translations managed under 1 interface
  • At an extra cost: Automatic translation (above 2k words)
  • Manual and professional translators available
  • Numerous interfaces needed for translation management
Content detection
  • All pages detected
  • Translates everything on your website
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Requires all WordPress themes and plugins to be WPML ready otherwise content won’t be translated
  • No backend/frontend slowdowns
  • Works with all major caching solutions
  • Backend overcharge regularly reported
  • Conflicts with caching solutions regularly reported
Import / Export
  • Easy-to-use built-in features
  • Supported formats include XLIFF, CSV
  • Possibility to export and import
  • But required to use another plugin in some cases
  • Answer in 1 business day
  • Via personal email or via live chat upon request
  • Uncertain response time
  • Via a ticket on their support forum
Free trial
  • Yes, try Weglot for 10 days completely free
  • Free plan available for small websites
  • No free trial
  • Only paid plans

Having trouble with how WPML works?

We’ve put together a few articles to help you understand some of the key questions asked about WPML’s most common features. You might also find that Weglot offers a more simple solution for your WordPress website translation needs.

The best way to understand the power of Weglot is to see it for yourself. Get your website multilingual live in minutes.