Choose Weglot over WPML and put your multilingual website project on autopilot

✓ No credit card details no commitment ✓ 10-days free

The numbers speak for themselves


Compatible with all plugins and themes

Less than 5

Minutes from integration to multilingual

Manual string-by-string translation

Don’t just take our word for it

Use Weglot and discover a solution that effortlessly takes care of the full website localization journey

Read why we have more than 1000 5-star reviews on the WordPress Directory

Top reasons to choose Weglot​

language switcher to switch between different languages

Ease of use ​

Weglot was designed so anyone within your team can install it and run a multilingual project (whether you’re in the localization team, manage the website or a developer). In less than 5 minutes we’ll translate and display thousands or even millions of words, plus we add a  customizable language-switcher to your front website. Say goodbye to tedious zip file downloads and uploads and use a WordPress multilingual plugin made for automation.

One interface​

Centralize your translation management with one user-friendly dashboard. Manage all the content of your multilingual WordPress website in one place with Weglot, including content from other plugins (WooCommerce, WPForms, Yoast, etc), widgets, media files and SEO metadata. No need to switch between different interfaces.

Translation quality

Weglot automatically gives you a fast first layer of machine translation as part of your plan. You choose to use it or not.

Edit your translations manually, with the help of your teammates, or use professional translators directly inside the Weglot dashboard.

Weglot Visual Editor
Weglot Visual Editor
How do WPML and Weglot compare?
WPML logo
1 full-solution version

Don’t mess around with numerous interfaces and different installation processes. With Weglot what you see is what you get – 1 interface to manage all the translations of your website.

WPML logo

Manual and automatic translation included in all paid plans with access to professional translators within the Weglot dashboard. No need to use an external tool to handle your translation workflow.

WPML logo
Content detection

All pages automatically detected and translated without any manual work or string-by-string translation required. Compatible with any theme – no need to use a ‘translation ready’ theme. Add new content effortlessly, without having to manually update pages.

WPML logo

No backend / frontend slowdowns – works with all major caching solutions. Regular updates and maintenance with new features monthly.

WPML logo
Free trial

See how Weglot works for yourself by using our 10-day free trial – no credit card details required. Check out just how easy it is to install Weglot in under 5 minutes.

WPML logo

Works with your favorite plugins

Interested in trying Weglot before you commit?
Use our 10-day free trial (no credit card details required) to check out how we work before you make your long term purchase
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