How to create a Wix multilingual site

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How to Create a multilingual wix Site

With last year (2020) being the year of online (that we didn’t quite expect), more businesses than ever have increased their online presence. With that shift, consumers are increasingly purchasing goods and services overseas, in fact, cross-border sales increased 35% last year alone. 

So, if you’re looking to profit from this change in consumer behavior (and why wouldn’t you), you’re likely thinking of making your Wix website multilingual and taking a closer look at localization.

Whether you’re promoting a business in new markets, selling internationally or displaying an online portfolio – adding multiple languages opens up your Wix site to new customers all over the world. 

Luckily, making your Wix or Editor X site multilingual doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it’s actually pretty simple when you find the right Wix multilingual solution to work with. 

In this article, we’ll take a look in more detail at the native Wix solution, plus Weglot a multilingual Wix app available on the Wix App Market to help you create a multilingual website.

Does Wix support multilingual?

The answer is yes. And, you might have already seen that Wix offers its own multilingual functionality through its app market to help you add additional languages.  

Whilst the native Wix multilingual solution does allow you to have a translated website, without the need for manually creating duplicate pages, there are a couple of points to take note of if you’re looking for a translation solution that’s seamless and effortless.

Check out our guide to Wix multilingual solutions to understand the pros and cons of all the options available to you

The primary point is that using Wix multilingual solution will give you the ability to display your content (without duplicate pages/ sites), however, it won’t actually translate any of your content. That’s something you’ll have to do on your own or use Google Translate which is built-in to add different languages.

The downside of only using Google Translate is that you don’t get to choose your machine translation provider and there are other providers out there that can be more accurate depending on the language pair.

Long setup process

We’ve previously talked about the costs involved in manually translating your website. But, to cut to the chase, manually translating your website content is going to cost you. Both in time and money.  

For those with smaller websites wanting just 1 secondary language, you might be able to get away with it, but it’s not just the pricing, but also the lengthy process of waiting to receive those translations back. 

Adding content to your site, page by page is a timely process. You’ll also need to repeat this every time you add new content to your original site. And, the process will also have to be repeated depending on the number of languages you actually want to translate your website into.

Translating Wix App content

The next drawback is that the Wix solution can’t translate other Wix apps. For example, if you have the Wix booking app installed, your website user would only be able to book an appointment in the original language of your website. This lack of translation ability also extends to any third-party apps you might have installed on your Wix site. 

When you use the Wix multilingual solution, you’re adding in your outsourced translations manually, translation by translation. When it comes to translating Wix apps, there isn’t actually a place to add these translations physically in the dashboard of your Wix site. 

And, if you’re making your Wix site multilingual because you’re creating an international ecommerce store, then you’ll need to check this list to determine whether your Wix Store checkout can be displayed in your chosen translated language. This is because Wix only supports a handful of languages, which means if your chosen language is not on the list, your checkout will remain in English.  

The process of translating your Wix store will likely involve a lot of manual work, especially for those with hundreds of products. This is because you’ll need to manually add in the product description translation product by product. This can certainly turn into a daunting process.

How do I get multiple languages on Wix?

At Weglot, we developed a fully multilingual solution that works seamlessly with your site and ensures that every part of your Wix site can be translated, instantly.

From your website content, product descriptions, booking forms, and even images, every aspect will be fully translated with Weglot.


And, what’s more, the Weglot Wix multilingual solution is not dependent on any outsourced translators, in fact, your site is 100% automatically translated with a first layer of machine translation. 

The way Weglot handles the translation of your multilingual Wix site is completely different. Your Wix site content will be automatically detected, translated and displayed into as many as 100+ languages in minutes. A drop-down language switcher is then automatically added to your front-end site so website visitors can choose your site’s language. 

You’ll then be able to manage languages through your Weglot Dashboard, where you can make manual edits to your machine translations or leave them as they are.


You can even order a “second pair of eyes” in the form of professional translators at an extra cost who can review any of your machine translations (without having to leave the Weglot dashboard). 

But, with Weglot, it’s not just the words on your Wix site that are translated, Weglot also handles some key multilingual SEO aspects that are crucial to getting found by your new audiences. This includes translated metadata, language subdomains and hreflang tags.

Weglot Translate is available on the Wix App Store. Take a look at our Wix multilingual integration guide to see for yourself just how easy it is to implement Weglot on your Wix site. In summary, follow this quick and simple setup process (no need for a developer or coding experience).

  1. Search for Weglot on the Wix App Store and create a Weglot account
  2. Add the original language of your site and the languages you want to add
  3. Set up language-specific subdomains (much easier than it sounds!)
  4. Done!

Choosing a Wix multilingual template

Many users of Wix aren’t developers and have chosen this particular website building platform for its simplicity and the fact that Wix allows you to create stunning websites with little to no effort. (Take a look at some serious design inspiration from these well-put-together Wix sites)

You have the option to either build your Wix site completely from scratch or to use one of their ready-made templates, pre-populated with content.

The good news is, there’s no particular template you have to use to ensure your Wix website can be fully multilingual. Meaning you have full creative control over your website design, without the need to cut design corners as Weglot is fully compatible with all Wix templates. 

In fact, we made a stunning Wix showcase website to show you the power of using Wix and Weglot together for a truly global reach.

Wix multilingual site examples

Let’s take a look at some Wix sites appealing to more than one global market by making their sites multilingual with Weglot. 

Sparx in the Cloud

This cloud-based server provider has translated their site into no less than 11 European languages. As a company offering an online service, they know the benefits a multilingual website can have to an increase in market penetration.

And, what’s more, they’ve got a fully translated contact us form, to ensure they’re localizing every part of their sales funnel.

Céleste Dela

As a screenwriter, director and editor, Céleste Dela has chosen to translate her Wix portfolio site into French and English. 

Creating films in both English and French means it makes sense to offer a website that targets both her audiences. 

And, choosing to display her available languages with two circular country flags, means she keeps the simplicity of her website design. 

Casa Mandolio

Italian-based food and cosmetics ecommerce retailer Casa Mandolio knows that selling in countries outside of Italy will have a positive impact on their sales. 

With Italian and English offered across their site, the buying process is also completely localized, with the full checkout offered in both languages. 

Make your Wix site multilingual 

So, going multilingual on Wix just got a whole lot easier. Try Weglot for yourself with our 10-day free trial and get access to all our features. You’ll have a multilingual Wix site up and running in minutes!

In this article we’re going to look into:

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