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Discover how Weglot allows you to go multilingual in 4 simple steps.

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Connect Weglot to your website

No matter what technology you’re using, follow our integration guides and choose from 100+ languages to add to your site.

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Content detection & translation

Weglot will automatically detect and translate the content of your website using leading neural machine translation providers.

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Your translated website is live!

Your website will then be displayed under language subdomains or subdirectories so you’ll only ever manage the content of your original site.

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Translation editing control

Edit your default machine translations yourself, with teammates or send it to be reviewed by professional translators with one click!

Key Weglot features

One solution with everything you need for an efficient website translation workflow.

No code install

From integration to management, run your website translation project easily without the help of your developer/IT team. Read our technical overview.

Automatic workflow

Automatic workflow

Never waste time on manual tasks. Any new content added to your site is automatically detected and translated.

Machine translation

Machine translation

Accelerate your website translation project with a first layer of machine translation from leading providers Microsoft, DeepL, and Google. Read our State of Machine Translation for Websites report. 

Translation accuracy

Editing translations

Use Weglot’s post-editing tools to make human edits to your machine translations, add your own translators and teammates to your dashboard or order professional translation directly inside Weglot.

Translated website displaying

Translated website displaying

Instead of creating separate websites for new markets, Weglot makes your current one multilingual under subdomains or subdirectories. Navigate between languages easily via a language switcher.

Visual translation editing

Visual translation editing

Edit your translations through your translations list or use our in-context editor to translate your content directly inside your website design and structure. Easily see what your translated page will look like.

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO

Get found by your audience with a translation software that follows multilingual SEO best practices set out by Google (including translated metadata, language-specific URLs, and hreflang tags).

One dashboard

One dashboard

Easily manage the workflow of your translation project through one interface. Review your translations, SEO metadata, and media files all in one place, even content from third-party apps/plugins.



Define and add terms, phrases, brand, and product names to your multilingual glossary and keep your project consistent. Avoid the repetitive task of editing the same terms.

Visitors auto-redirection

Visitors auto-redirection

Improve your bounce rate with the redirection feature, allowing you to automatically serve your pages in your audience language, based on their browser settings.

Localized customer journey

Localized customer journey

Get all your key conversion steps translated into your customers’ language, including your lead generation forms, pop-ups, and email confirmations.

Customer support

Customer Support

Rely on our expert support team to assist you whenever you might need help or have questions, we’re just a message away. Or use our detailed support center where we answer all your key questions

Compatible with your CMS

Don’t change the way your website works. Weglot is compatible with all
Content Management Systems (WordPress, Shopify,…), web technologies and tools.

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Want to learn more?

Translate your website into more than 100 languages, including custom languages such as British English or Brazilian Portuguese.

If for example, your original website is, a subdirectory would be (for the French version), and a subdomain would be, and so on.

Weglot follows Google’s best practices for multilingual SEO. When launching a multilingual website you also need to implement technical elements such as hreflang tags and create language subdirectories or subdomains. Both of these aspects are automatically handled by Weglot as well as translating your metadata, an important part of your multilingual SEO.

Learn more about multilingual SEO 

We leverage the power of neural machine translation from the best translation providers on the market including DeepL, Yandex, Microsoft, and Google Translate, to give the most accurate translation return. You then have full editing control through your Weglot Dashboard.

Learn more about machine translation 

You can edit your machine translations through your Weglot Dashboard. Either through the Translations List or Visual editor, add teammates, edit the translations yourself or add your own translators to make quick edits to any translation displayed on your website.

With Weglot you also have the option to order professional translations directly inside the Weglot Dashboard. Choose from machine translation, human editing, or a mixture of both.

Your translations are stored by Weglot, accessible through your Weglot Dashboard, and not in your CMS. This gives you an easier overview of all your translations through a simple interface, avoiding the issue of giving access to your CMS backend.

Machine translation providers take care of translation only. They do not display the translations on your website, you will need to work with your development/IT team to do that. You will also be required to gather all the content of your website and manually copy and paste it into the machine translation provider. They also don’t offer any built in editing platform to make any manual edits.

Weglot connects directly with a machine translation provider and automatically detects, translates, and displays the content of your website, giving you full editing control over your translations. 

Weglot also provides key multilingual SEO features such as displaying your multilingual website under language specific subdomains or subdirectories and adding hreflang tags. 

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